Privacy Policy

Cookies and Tracking

Put simply, I don't use any cookies for tracking or gathering personal data. This website is built using only standard ASP.NET Core libraries from Microsoft, except for a few extra packages for graphics rendering and styling (such as Pixi.js). The only cookies used are part of Microsoft's Identity framework and are necessary for providing secure login functionality.

My web server logs access information, including IP addresses, of people who access the site. This logging behavior is a normal and default part of Microsoft IIS web servers, and the information they contain is only used for debugging purposes when needed. The only "personal" data in them is the IP address. No personally identifiable information is gathered. Logging IP addresses is also necessary for preventing Denial of Service attacks.

The only information saved on a user's browser is their acceptance of this policy and, if they check "Remember Me" when logging in, the authentication token necessary for logging you in automatically on the next visit to the site.

Data Handling and Privacy Protection

This site uses Microsoft's Identity system for handling authentication. User accounts and passwords are handled by Microsoft's code libraries that are built into ASP.NET Core.

Identity does not save passwords on the server. Instead, it salts and hashes them, then saves the hash. These hashes can be used to make sure the correct password is entered each time the user logs in. However, they can never be reversed back to the original password. So even if the database were compromised, the passwords would still be safe.

You can learn more about Identity on Microsoft Docs.